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Meet The Artist

Nathaly Merine

Nathaly is a Haitian-American artist based in Tampa Bay, Florida. She found art to be her passion when it became a way to connect with books and comics that she read as a child. Enhancing her skills, she found that expressing herself through art is a positive outlet that brings her great joy. 

Creating has always given her a euphoric feeling, a sense of belonging, granting her the ability to nurture the emotions boiling inside of her.

IMG_0471 (1).jpg

Nathaly is accustomed to working in different mediums such as sculpture, ceramic, mixed media and acrylic. Her most favored medium to create with is acrylic. From the flow of her wrist to the worn and cold touch of the paintbrush, every moment spent throughout her process aides in achieving her bigger goal of bringing life and significance to her masterpieces. Though she believes that she has yet to master her craft, every stroke of paint meticulously dedicated to the canvas brings her one step closer to being a greater artist than the previous days before. 

As she grows more into who she is called to be, her art grows with her. Her goal as a Haitian-American woman is to use the gift that God provided her to bring strength, unity, pride, and love into her diverse audience through her experiences and through the truth that she witnesses in life and culture. Being a student of life, she finds that the best way to continue to learn about the evolution of art is to live her life to the fullest, allowing her experiences to manifest in her creations. Nathaly will always strive to express herself in a manner through the world may benefit. 

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